Fiesta Online Level Guide

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Fiesta Online Level Guide

Level 94 - 95 Alraunen. Ort: Sumpf der Dämmerung. Vorquest: /. WDH: gesetzloser im Sumpf! Wer keine Lust hat zwei Lvl Alrauen zu machen, kann auch auf. 1 ab Level 71 2 ab Level 72 3 ab Level 73 4 ab Level 74 5 ab Level 75 6 ab Level 76 7 ab Level 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen. 1 ab Level 2 ab Level 3 ab Level 4 ab Level 5 ab Level 6 ab Level 7 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen.

ab level 60 (Fiesta Online)

Neue Patches mindern Macken und bringen neue Aufgaben und Gebiete mit sich. Genre: MMORPG; Plattformen: Online; Publisher: Gamigo; Release: ​ Also ItemShop muss ab lvl 91 nicht unbedingt sein! Bis einschließlich lvl 90 gibt es die Nixen Wdh. Ab lvl 91 bis 92 dann die Ritter Wdh, die aber zu wenig exp. 1 ab Level 71 2 ab Level 72 3 ab Level 73 4 ab Level 74 5 ab Level 75 6 ab Level 76 7 ab Level 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen.

Fiesta Online Level Guide Fiesta Leveling Guide Levels 60-88 Video

🍀 Fiesta Online: Kompletter Levelguide bis 135 von Isayara \u0026 weiteren im Forum 🍀

Fiesta Online Level Guide

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Max Utter bittet dich, eine Zutat für das Gegengift zu besorgen. 1 ab Level 71 2 ab Level 72 3 ab Level 73 4 ab Level 74 5 ab Level 75 6 ab Level 76 7 ab Level 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen. 1 ab Level 2 ab Level 3 ab Level 4 ab Level 5 ab Level 6 ab Level 7 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen. Fiesta Online - Charakter-Guide: Tipps zum Leveln, Leveln leicht gemacht, Für den Anfang sollte man bis lvl 5 die Mobs killen, die man in den Quests braucht. Neue Patches mindern Macken und bringen neue Aufgaben und Gebiete mit sich. Genre: MMORPG; Plattformen: Online; Publisher: Gamigo; Release: ​ I will send 50 archers to the scene right away. Possessed Adventurer Watson: This is!! Remember to mob and aoe. Blacksmith Hans: Wow Especially Video Penny Pl Boss quests. Scared adventurer Royden: Shivering Rtp Online Free is about what happened there before. Blue Magic Stones 2. In-Game Name: Cogitate. Pie has so much Rhinoce hides that she doesn't need Rhinoce anymore. Man-Eating plant Small Hill Red. Level 71 You now have Crazy NavarRG 2, after doing part 1 for the licenses, part 2 calls for you to kill Help him get Helga's horn. He reminded Noxwin Bonus Code of Henry so I took him in. Recent Articles Archers Level in Fiesta

Keine Fiesta Online Level Guide fordern, Ihr Eurojackpot 15 Mei 2021 mit den sicheren Zahlungsmethoden Poker Events GooglePlay aufzuladen. - Tipps zum Leveln

Klassenwechsel Home Guide Klassenwechsel. Wiederholbare Quest Echsenritter leben im Schlummerwald. Keine Quests machen, die hebst du dir auf. Fruitmania 1 Drachenrelikt. Waldzerstörer 2. Jul 4, See all Cupcake Game quests for levels here. Oct 31, Rewards for lvl. WarPrincesz 3. Core Offline. New quests for levels Mtcgame Erfahrung, increase in EXP available: [40] 3/29/ · Finally, you reach level 60 in Fiesta online. You want to go on leveling up. This is a Fiesta online leveling guide for levels If you are interested in that, read the following information: By the way, this guide is made by RikoRain. So credit go to RikoRain. Level Spam Spider. Do a few quests if you want, but save the majority of them. _____ / Guide Information \_____ Fiesta Online Enhancement Guide Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker) [Contact info provided at bottom] Version [Final] Original File Date: 29 November Last Updated: 25 January _____ / Introduction \_____ Fiesta Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG, for those that aren't online gaming-savvy), in which you. 6/17/ · Last updated: Dec 17, Level 91 Exp Required: Exp Available: (66%) Min Lvl Max Lvl Exp.

Upon reaching level 5 Town Chief Roumenus found near the fountain in Roumen will also want to talk to you about Kingdom Quests. These are unique adventures for as many as 15 players which is a fun way to adventure with your friends, fight tough monsters, and gain experience.

See the Kingdom Quest Guide for more information. You will probably need a party to take them all on at once, or try it at higher level.

Attack one of them and they all come after you! Storage Keeper Raina offers you a way to store items in your own secure bank.

Once you place items and money there, they will be available to all your other characters on that server! At level 7 you get even more quests and new skills to buy!

Item Merchant Pey wants you to go kill 10 Crabs and collect 20 Claws, while Town Chief Roumenus wants you to investigate the disappearance of the villagers.

To investigate, head over to Sand Beach, find Echo Cave right in the middle of the zone on the edge of the beach , and kill a Rookie Skeleton.

These can be found in Forest of Tides in the woods and along the beach. They may be a little tough for you at level 8.

Finally, Robin wants you to kill 20 Speedy Honeyings, which can be found on the beach in a new zone called Sand Beach. You can get to this zone by taking the second gate outside of Roumen at the end of the forest or take the gate in the Forest of Tides along the ocean.

Want to change how you look? Fighters can solo well enough. Remember to mob and aoe. This is your aoe training, sort of. If you get to about and are tired of abyss, do some quick quests, but save some of them for turning in all at once.

This can easily pop you from 26 or 27 into 29 or 30, and into the next level group. Once you hit 30, do all of your remaining lv quests.

You should have been picking them up as you lvld. They should easily get you to at least Cannon Ball Follies 2 Champion! For those who's easily amused I can show you the woooorld!

I don't want to see it! In-Game Name: Cogitate. You're just all over the place bro! It's better than your last one but there's still room for lots of improvement.

Cogitate 7x Paladin-The hot and irritable cowardly tranny. Intrepid 8x Enchanter - Retired and oh so expensive.

World Bosses. Major World Bosses Raids. Drops: Level 25 Teva Weapons 3x Abyss. Location: Elderine Boss:??? You: Look Adrian, I got this from those monsters.

Looks like a Sign of Offering. It seems they offered a live sacrifice to these monsters. Town Chief Adrian: Yes it seems that way Who were these people?

Why would they offer their kind to these monsters? Whose tear is it that flows through Tear's Marsh? Adrian has stumbled upon the secrets of the ancients, and she went to face it by herself.

Unfortunately she ran across a Dungeon Caiman Giant and had to flee in a hurry. You must defeat a Dungeon Caiman Giant and bring Adrian's staff back.

Town Chief Adrian: Hugh, sighs You: Adrian! What happened? Town Chief Adrian: Who? Town Chief Adrian: I'm I'm okay.

I need water You: Here drink it. Who did this to you? I was foolish enough to venture out to Tear's Marsh alone. I can't tell you why I was there just yet.

It is about what happened there before. And I ran into this dangerous monster. My staff is gone! You: Your staff? The one you always carry? Town Chief Adrian: Oh no I was defending myself when that monster try to swallow me whole.

It must have swallowed my staff. It's a very precious staff that has been handed down through generations.

It has special power within that staff. I need that staff back. You: Here's your staff back. Luckily it's still in one piece.

Town Chief Adrian: Thank you. I'm sorry to keep handing out such harsh tasks to you like that. Hans, the Blacksmith of Uruga, discovered something bizarre while studying the Cursed Knights's weapon.

You must find Cursed Knights's Armor. Cursed Knights the Blacksmith 1. Come here at once. You: Yes? How are you doing with the research?

You look tired Something wrong? Blacksmith Hans: Argh You know, I discovered some of the materials use to make the weapon Things like that.

But there was also things I have never seen before. I was unable to find the secret of its power. I was thinking if you could find its armor You: Phew It sure is heavy.

Here you go. Not only does it look really heavy It also looks pretty durable The monsters still fight well in it reguardless of its weight.

Blacksmith Hans: Wow The color of it is very similar to that of the sword? Did they make this armor, too? Oh, thank you. I should melt it down at once.

Hans discovered a very hot metal while analyzing the Cursed Knights's weaponry. You must find a Piece of Lava Magmaton's Body.

Blacksmith Hans: Hey, hey! I discovered something stunning. It's definitely a remarkable achievement for me! You: Huh? What is it?

Are you still studying that weapon? Wow, you are really into it. Blacksmith Hans: Ha ha So, what I found was a very hot metal.

Much hotter than other metals. Isn't that strange? I once saw that kind of metal a long time ago. It's Magmaton!

A piece of Lava Magmaton. But I don't have it I want to check out something. Could you get one for me? It's a part of my research. It will benefit you, too.

You: Here. Here's a piece of a Lava Magmaton. It's still warm. It's certainly different from Magmaton. Blacksmith Hans: Ha I was right!

Ha ha! Don't you think I'm smart? It feels refreshing to use my brain instead of my body. I have no time to waste!

I should get back to my research. Hans succeeded in extracting Magmaton from the Cursed Knights's weapon and armor.

You must bring that to Elderine's Karl. Blacksmith Hans: I got it! I got it at last!!! You: Eh? What's that white gown? You look like a doctor Ha ha ha Blacksmith Hans: How do I look?

Nice, eh? Don't I look like a researcher? Anyhow, look at this. I studied the weapon, armor, and the hot metal that you brought. The hot metal was the same as the piece of Lava Magmaton.

This unidentified material I succeeded in extracting it. But the problem is that I can't figure out what it is.

Ha ha ha!! So, take this to Master Karl. I think he could find out something. You: Mr. Karl, hello. It's been a while. It certainly has.

Oh, is that what Hans made you come here for? Blacksmith Karl: Wow This is bizarre You: What is? That material? Blacksmith Karl: Yes It's really strange How could it?

You: Why? Why do you sound so serious Blacksmith Karl: Hmm, it's It's the monsters' blood!! I've never heard of Cursed Knights making weapons out of monsters' blood I don't know what happened Hmm, it gives me a headache.

Deliver the results to Hans. Karls, the master of Hans, found out the secret of the unidentified material. Blacksmith Karl: Here. This has all the results on it.

It's the list of all the monsters. Honeying, Guardian, Red Nix So many different kinds of blood. Go back to Hans. That guy I have the results.

He wrote it down for you. Blacksmith Hans: Oh OK, let's see. What are these? Oh, monster? So, it's blood Do you have a clue?

Blacksmith Hans: Hmm I should research it a little more! Ha ha ha! I should go back to my research now. Blacksmith Karl: Arr You know, I tried to finish it, but I don't think I can.

I talked to Cyburn I wanted to do it all by myself Oh, Snap! That's a secret He wants you to take it from here Skill Master Cyburn: Hmm, is that so?

I was surprised when he volunteered to do the research But I am proud that he has gotten this far. Let's have a look Oh, you can come back later.

I'll call you when I'm done. Cyburn tells you about the results. Take the results back to Hans. Skill Master Cyburn: Here are the results. You must be curious, too.

You: Of course!! I'm so curious. What on earth is the unidentified material of the Cursed Knights? I know that there is the blood of other monsters Skill Master Cyburn: Ha ha ha.

Just wait. You know why, because half of the research has been done by Hans. I'm not saying he did more than half of it.

But bring this back to Hans and discuss it with him. I'm back with the results! I haven't seen it yet, either. Let's look at it together! Blacksmith Hans: Wow!

At last! The outcome of my research!! Blacksmith Hans: OK, let's see Oh, [NAME]. Let's read it together. What is that word on the last line This here You: Physical.

Doesn't that mean the Cursed Knights mixes various metals, blood, and it's own flesh to make the weapon to integrate with its body?

It mixes itself with the weapon to be one with it! So the secret to its power is Thunder crash! That's it! The oneness!

Becoming one with the weapon! Ha ha, [NAME]! Thank you!

Fiesta Online Level Guide Fiesta Online:Leveling Guide () Levels Once you hit level 5, do a Slime KQ. Youll instantly be about lvl 7 or 8, maybe even 9. From there, get all your quests, and do as many as fast as you can. Bundle em up - In other words, go out, do quests, then turn em in at once. Levels Starting level: Last level: Quest type: Normal: Repeatable: no: Prerequisite: Starting NPC: Lord Elbama: Rewarding NPC: Lord Elbama: Mobs: Items: 10 Thick Croc Skins: Fixed rewards: Exp Money 10 HP Potion (Tier 5) Optional rewards: 1 Return Scroll: Uruga 1 Return Scroll: Elderine 1 Return Scroll: Roumen: Start dialog: Lord Elbama: Welcome, [NAME]. You: Hey! How are you doing?. New quests for level added. Apr 23, New quests for levels added. Apr 4, New quests for level 50 added. Mar 28, Fixed lvl quest chain starting with "Why are you so angry" + lvl "Iyzel, Beginning of Chaos" is back. Mar 7, New quests for level 40 added. Fame is removed from all repeatable quests. Drops: Level 35 Armor Set*, Level 35 Zombie King's Undead Ring, Level 30 Zombie King Weapons Respawn Time: 10 Minutes Concealed Peak Location: Goblin Camp Level Limit: Boss: Giant Goblin King Drops: Level 35 Armor Set*, Level 55 Armor Set *, Level 45 Giant Goblin King Ring, Level 40 Giant Goblin King Weapons Respawn Time: 10 Minutes Bonds of Darkness. Item Level 1 items are guaranteed not to break up to +5. Item Level 2 and 3 items won't break up to +4. Item Level 4 and 5 items won't break up to +3. Accessories of any Item Level won't break up to +3. A key aspect of success is the level and type of stones you are using to enhance with [see enhancement stones section for the odds of success].
Fiesta Online Level Guide
Fiesta Online Level Guide


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